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Personal Injury Attorney Denver

Are looking for Denver personal injury attorney to speak to about your case? If so, you may contact our office to set up a free initial consultation appointment. During this session, we encourage you to ask questions about the Denver personal injury attorney lawsuit process and about the qualifications of the lawyer who would take your case. We provide legal work on contingency for all personal injury cases, so you don’t pay a fee if we don’t win your case.

Our law firm is experienced in handling personal injury claims of all types. The most common lawsuit we prepare is for car accident victims, but we will take your case regardless of how you were hurt. We also work with burn victims, slip and fall accident victims, multiple victims of mass transportation accidents and more. At your initial legal consultation, our attorneys will ask you to describe in detail how you were injured and who else was involved in the accident.


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In some cases, you may not know who injured you, such as with a hit and run accident. We have extensive resources to investigate your claim and we will find the evidence we need to make your lawsuit successful. We may request items from you to bolster your claim, including an accident report and witness statements. In the case of a car accident, we can work with accident reconstruction specialists if the other party is trying to place the blame on you. Their report will give us a definitive answer of what really took place.

In a successful personal injury lawsuit, the injured person usually receives money to be used toward the payment of medical expenses related to the accident and the wages he or she was unable to earn while injured. It may also make provisions for future lost wages or earning potential and a monetary acknowledgement of the ongoing physical pain you must now contend with because of the accident. Finally, the other party may have to pay punitive damages if he or she acted with reckless disregard for your well-being.

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