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Motorcycle accident lawyer

Weather seems to play no major role in motorcycle crashes, however, it is worth noting that 90+% of the drivers are self taught with no formal training in driving safety.
Causes of accidents
There are many contributing factors to motorcycle accidents, but the major causes are driver error and the failure to obey the right of way. Other contributing factors are poor road conditions, loose material (gravel, sand, wet leaves and grass clippings) on the road, speeding, alcohol consumption, undivided roadways, riding at night, lack of safety training, motorcycle failure, or other external factors such as strange objects or animals in the middle of the road.
Accident statistics
Although motorcycles represent only about 3% of all vehicles, motorcycle crashes amount to about 13% of all fatalities.
About half of the accidents are collisions with other vehicles, three-quarters of them are frontal collisions, in which two-thirds are due to driver error and only about 3% to vehicle failure. In most crashes the driver is between 16 and 24 years old, and 95% or so of them are male with half of them having no more than 5 months of riding experience.

Half of the fatal accidents are alcohol related and it is important to note that in most cases there are only about 2 seconds to avoid a collision! About 95% of all accidents result in an injury and it is sad to note that only about 40% of them had safety helmet (statistics also shows that the use of safety helmet significantlyreduces head and neck injuries).Possible injuriesIt is important to mention that the use of helmets is declining and motorcycle crash death are on the rise. The types of injuries in a motorcycle crash can be the serious kinds due to lack of protection (as in a car or van): head and neck injuries, spinal cord injuries, broken bones, brain injuries, laceration, disfigurement, facial injuries, paralysis, and serious arm and leg injuries that may include amputations.What shall I do in case of an accident?Seek medical attention even if your injuries seem to be mild.

Motorcycle accident on Trans Canada Highway

Keep all your damaged gear, write down everything you can remember, keep all receipts, and contact a motorcycle accident attorney. What mistakes shall I avoid?Do not ride without inspecting your motorcycle: headlights, break light, turn signals, mirrors, breaks, tires, and check the chains (for chain-driven rear wheels) for the proper level of tension and signs for wear and tear.

Do not ever ride while under the influence of substances or tired or had very little sleep. Never make a turn without turn signal, wear slippery gloves, or wear riding gear that is difficult to see, especially after dark. Do not ever tailgate or weave in and out of traffic or ride on the shoulder of the road!How to prevent an accident?Never drink and drive, obey the speed limit and wear a helmet (it is about 37% effective for the driver and 41% for the passenger).

Stay informed on safety and traffic rules, wear proper clothing, eye and face protection (uncovered body parts can have dirt tattoos during a scratch with the road, that are difficult to remove), and use ear plugs to reduce hearing damage from wind noise. Always obey the speed limit, especially in bad weather conditions, and never trust any motor vehicle to give you the right of way (it is better to give up your right to go than having an accident)!
Some legal advise
Motorcycle accidents, like any other accidents, have their complicated legal procedures.

It is not only a good investment, it can save you a lot of time and aggravation with the insurance company. If you are found at fault of the accident, you may face a fine, community service, or in the worst case, imprisonment (especially if alcohol is involved).

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