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Legal implications of dog bites

They have their own doctors, beauticians, trainers, psychologists, etc. Most of them take a cozy stroll in the park, others are held in the arm or taken for a ride in the car or on the bike in a fancy cage. The dog fever is on! What most dog owners do not realize is that “you can take the girl out of the trailer park, but you cannot take the trailer park out of the girl.” The dog, however fancy clothes it wears, is still a dog and it can be your best friend or your worst enemy.

We are all afraid of them not because of their size but because of their all powerful weapon: their jaws filled with sharp teeth. When a dog feels threatened, it will bite and the consequences of dog bites can be devastating. Every child’s dream is to get that puppy for Christmas. Puppies are fun but they grow up and become a lethal weapon when provoked or threatened. A child playing with his dog can turn into a bad accident when the dog bites the child in the face.

Legal implications of dog bites
This can be because the dog attacked (based on animal instinct), or because of dog play that involves bites. A bite in the face is a nasty thing and can have a myriad of consequences:

Pain and suffering.

A bite can tear the tissue or rip the tissue out of the face which can be excruciatingly painful.


Although immediate treatment is needed after the bite, long-term treatment may be necessary to heal deep wounds or torn tissues or ligaments.

Cosmetic surgery.

The face is a very unforgiving part of the human body: it is exposed and even small changes can alter one’s appearance quite a bit. In order to regain some kind of normal look, cosmetic surgery may be necessary.

Prosthetic device.

If corrective surgery is not successful, a prosthetic device may be needed.

Functional problems.

A bite in the wrong place, e.g.

in the ear, can cause loss of important functions such as hearing or balance, which in turn impacts one’s everyday functions such as walking.


A child bitten in the face may have difficulty at school due to the alteration of his facial characteristics. He may not be able to integrate with society all that well and may require psychological treatment to deal with the trauma of isolation. All of the above come with a large price tag handed down by the jury or negotiated by the attorney.

Showing a badly deformed face of a child, due to a dog bite, to the jury is most effective in securing the highest possible compensation. But never mind the compensation, seeing a destroyed face of a child is bad enough to give you the guilty feeling for the rest of your life. Each dog is a ticking time bomb and the best place for them is outside where they have plenty of space to run around. Should you have any concern about dog bites, please do not hesitate to call our personal injury law firm. Our initial consultation is always free.

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