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Driving safety accident lawyer

The fact is most accidents are caused by not paying attention, and hence are avoidable. Isaac Law Firm wants you to know that safe driving is not an option, it is an obligation as long as you are in traffic on public roadways. The rhythm of the traffic This doesn’t mean that if everyone else is speeding you should too, but it does mean that your vehicle shouldn’t cause problems for others. If the speed limit on the freeway is 70 mph and you would rather drive 55, please move over to the right lane; if you are driving in the left lane, don’t drive the same speed as the driver on your right. If you do this, those who drive at a faster speed will stack up behind you.

As the frustration builds in the drivers behind, they will tailgate and look for opportunities to pass, often unsafely. Many collisions are caused by the frustration that could have been avoided if everyone would drive in rhythm with the others on the roadway. Your job as a driver is to be safe, not to enforce speed limits. Predictable driving It helps everyone on the roadway to know what you plan to do.

Driving safety accident lawyer
If you are going to change lanes, use your turn signal and once the change is made, be sure to turn it off. To avoid surprising other drivers, don’t just rely on your mirrors to see if the lane you want to move to is clear, turn your head and look. You can also adjust your mirrors so that they give you a panoramic view of the traffic around you. If you are going to exit the freeway within a mile or so, go ahead and move over into the right lane.

Think about your driving as if you were one of the cars around you: could you tell what you are about to do?Left turns at intersections Unless the driver is on a one-way street, those making left turns at intersections must cross a lane of oncoming traffic, this means that the turning driver must carefully monitor any oncoming traffic, and if there is a left-turn signal, make sure that any oncoming traffic is allowed to clear the intersection before the turn is made. Also, many times two left turn lanes facing each other allow both drivers to turn left at the same time.

When two vehicles are facing each other and both making left turns, if either swings wide, a collision could occur. The -second rule The time it takes to react to a sudden change of circumstance varies from person to person, so you need to provide enough time for yourself to perceive an emergency and react to it in time to prevent a collision.

Experts recommend keeping at least two seconds between your vehicle and the vehicle ahead: pick out a spot or a landmark of some kind, then notice when the car ahead gets there; when it does, count zero, one, two. You shouldn’t reach the same spot until you reach two. Too slow vehicles If you are approaching a vehicle that is going too slow, it is possible that the driver is having a problem, and may not be fully focused on the problem that their vehicle may be presenting to others, including you.

A door may open suddenly, the driver may swerve unexpectedly off the road or into your lane, and you won’t know until it happens. Be careful by giving the too slow vehicle some room, and slow down yourself as you pass by, to give yourself a little more time to react to the unexpected.Turn lanes Turn lanes are essential to the free flow of traffic in congested areas, enabling drivers to make left turns across oncoming lanes without stopping the traffic behind them. But, many times a turning driver will stop diagonally in the turn lane with the right rear of the vehicle still in the lane of through traffic.

This creates a problem which causes the through drivers to have to avoid crashing into the rear of the turning driver. Turn lanes should be used to get out of the through lane before beginning the turn. That way everyone else can proceed without increased danger of a crash. Turn lanes are often for drivers coming from both directions, so be sure to watch carefully for oncoming drivers who are also making a left turn, or a head-on crash could result. Sometimes a driver wants to use a turn lane in leaving a parking lot to merge into traffic.

This is allowed, although the law specifically prohibits using a turn lane as an acceleration lane for merging into traffic. A turn lane can never be used to pass a vehicle ahead.Driving safety is an issue of common interest as long as we share our roads with others. Given the large number of accidents per year, it is evident that drivers do not give safety a serious consideration. Irresponsible driving is done in all colors of the rainbow: from speeding to letting babies ride with their mothers on the front seat without the seatbelt on.

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