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Bus safety | Accident lawyer

Operating buses safely

The two main ingredients of safe bus operation is the driver and the machine. A good charter company gives regular training for its drivers and re-test them regularly. Stay away from companies whose drivers are reckless and drive on a few hours of sleep, i.e. over-worked.

If you are a bus driver, obey some sensible rules:Adjust your mirrors properly so that all blind spots are covered and that you have a wide vision on each side lanes slowly and carefully, never swerve suddenly and always use your turn signals well before turning. Never drive a bus that is not is a good condition and always perform an inspection before driving.Never ever accelerate quickly after dropping off a passenger (you may hit him as he tries to cross in front of your bus).Enforce the standee line rule to make sure your vision is not blocked and that you are not distracted.Remember, this is your bus and you are responsible for the safety of all passengers. You need to take charge and enforce safety rules.Railroad crossingA number of accidents on railroad crossings forced authorities to introduce special rules.

Bus safety Accident lawyer
Every time you cross a railroad, you must remember that your bus is no match for the train and that it takes a long distance for it to stop. One more thing, never rely on the electronic signals, they can malfunction giving you the false impression that crossing is safe. Follow the steps below to avoid an fatal accident: Slow down about 200 feet before the crossing and test your breaks. Make sure the traffic around you knows that you intend to stop (flash you lights).Stop where you have the best view but not closer than 15 feet to the tracks. Open the service doors and look and listen to see if a train is approaching. When all is clear, go without changing gears over the trails.

School bus safety

Enforcing school bus safety rules are one of the reasons why school bus accidents are rare in the US.
While riding the bus, keep your hands to yourself, never throw anything on the bus or out the window, and never ever play with the emergency exit.The danger zone of the bus is ten (10) feet wide on all sides; always remains at least 10 steps away from the bus where the driver can see you.

Bus safety rules

Please help transit workers get you to your destination safely by following some sensible rules:Arrive at the stop at least 5 minutes before departure. Have your fare ready, stand back from the curb and flag the bus down if you want to get on.Board and exit the bus in an orderly manner and do give priority seating to people in need, e.g. elder passengers or pregnant women.Remain seated during the ride, or stand behind the standee line, signal if you want to get off and exit through the rear door.

Do not disturb the driver, do not smoke, eat, spit, do not use profanity or get engaged in vandalism, and do not use audio devices without a headset. Be considerate when you are on the phone: the passengers on the bus are not interested in your private life! the bus is not your private car; every passenger has a right to enjoy the ride. Bus safety rules are for all of us whether we ride a bus or not.

When you drive your own car, you must watch for passengers getting on and off the bus, or be extra careful around school buses. Also, in a school zone, be mindful about buses trying to make various turns and make lane changes.

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